We are excited to announce we will be holding a Project Homeless Connect in Faulkner County on  January 24, 2017! Our mission is to connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness with the services and care they need to move forward at NO COST to them.


Project Homeless Connect is the name given to a special event designed to give homeless individuals and families access to a wide range of support services all under one roof. The first official Project Homeless Connect was held in San Francisco in 1998, though variations on the concept have existed for some time.  Project Homeless Connect is known as a best practice model that quickly swept the nation. Until now, there has not been one in Arkansas.  The stated goal of Project Homeless Connect is to provide access to services that support the transition of homeless individuals and families off the streets and into housing.

Connect events are designed to connect individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness to services they may have difficulty accessing on the street. To the extent that they can, service providers try to deliver as many of their services on-site, minimizing the need for referrals and follow-up.

The range of services offered at Homeless Connect events vary depending on the resources available in the community and the degree to which service providers are able to deliver services at the event. Services could include but are not limited to: housing; legal; mental health; dental and vision; veteran’s assistance; employment assistance; hospitality; haircuts; clothing; food supplies; a meal; pet care; care packages and more.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner of Project Homeless Connect! Our partners will include services providers, volunteers, sponsors/donors, non-profits, community organizations, churches, etc.